With Early Diagnosis a Small Cavity Might Be Repaired with a Simple Dental Filling

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If you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene habits you could easily suffer a cavity on one of your teeth. When this happens, you might notice a change in color, and texture, or heightened sensitivity in one of your teeth. If it’s caught early, our dentists, Dr. Greco, Dr. Lanzetta, or Dr. Attalienti might be able to repair a tooth with a small cavity by applying a simple dental filling.

First, they will need to examine the tooth and take a few X-rays. This will help to assess the severity of the tooth decay and ensure that the internal structures of the tooth remain healthy and strong.

They will then discuss your numbing options. Most people choose to have Novocain injected into their gums. This will sufficiently numb the area long enough to perform the dental filling treatment.

Next, they will carefully remove any decayed tooth enamel leaving behind a clean healthy surface to securely bond the dental filling in place. The tooth’s appearance in your smile and the location of the dental filling will directly influence the material they recommend.

Composite resin fillings are often a good option for repairing a cavity on a tooth that will appear in your smile.  Amalgam dental fillings are made from inert dental metals that can be applied to repair a cavity on a back tooth. Once the filling material has been hardened with a special ultraviolet light they will effective repair the tooth for many years.

If you live in the Hartsdale, New York area and you suspect a cavity has formed on one of your teeth, you should not delay in calling 914-205-3750 to seek treatment at Hartsdale Family Dental. Dr. Greco, Dr. Lanzetta, and Dr. Attalienti look forward to helping you with all of your smile care needs!