Invisalign® Can Correct Many Bite Patterns

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Are you looking to improve your bite pattern or straighten your teeth? If so, Invisalign® could be right for you! Most people have bite patterns that don’t fit correctly, which can lead to jaw pain and other complications in life. Invisalign is a series of aligners designed to discreetly correct your bite patterns and the alignment of your teeth.

Our dentist, Dr. Paul Greco, is happy to see if Invisalign is right for you. Plus, our team at Hartsdale Family Dental is happy to evaluate your smile to see what your bite pattern is and where it needs to be.

Here are some bite patterns Invisalign can help correct:
– Gap teeth: Gap teeth take place when there are spaces between teeth that need to be corrected.
– Overcrowded teeth: Overcrowded teeth occur when there is not enough space for your teeth to fit correctly.
– Overbite: If you have an overbite, it means that your upper front teeth will shut in front of your lower teeth.
– Underbite: With underbites, your lower teeth extend past your upper front teeth.
– Open bite: An open bite is a result of areas between your upper and lower teeth when you bite down.
– Crossbite: Crossbites take place when your upper and lower jawbone do not align.

If you suffer from any one of these bite patterns, then give us a call today at 914-205-3750 to see if Invisalign in Hartsdale, New York, can work for you. Our team of experts is happy to take your call and help correct your oral health in any way we can.