Essential Oral Health Care Tips for Your Smile

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Some people may find themselves struggling with dental health issues. While regular brushing and flossing is a great start to improving oral health, it’s important to take note of other lifestyle habits that could be harming you oral health. In some cases, you may need to make some lifestyle changes, such as eliminating bad habits or changing your diet. In fact, many issues associated with an individual’s day-to-day life can drastically affect the outcome of their oral health.

Although many individuals are aware of the issues associated with the excessive consumption of sugars, fewer people are aware that starches can have a similar effect on your oral health. Products such as bread, cereal and chips can speed up plaque formation and can even contribute to dental erosion as they become converted into harmful acids. To avoid these negative effects in your oral health, limit the amount of starches you eat, just as you would with sugary sweets and treats.

It is also important to establish an effective routine of brushing and flossing on a daily basis. Be sure to also take time to brush your tongue every day, including the far back corners of the tongue. Your tongue is a well-known place for harmful bacteria to build up, and brushing it regularly can decrease your chances of dental damage.

In addition to improving your oral hygiene habits, be mindful of any lifestyle habits that may be damaging your smile, such as smoking or taking drugs. For additional oral health care treatments, be sure to visit our dentist for routine checkups and oral examinations.

If you struggle to maintain optimal oral health, never give up on your smile!. For additional help, visit our team at Hartsdale Family Dental. To schedule your appointment with Drs. Greco, Lanzetta, or Attalienti, contact our dental office in Hartsdale, New York, at 914-205-3750. We look forward to making your smile shine on for a lifetime with optimal oral health support!