Enhance Your Smile with a Tooth Restoration Service

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Is your smile in the best shape it can be? Are staying on track with your oral health? The longer you go without fixing an issue, the bigger it will become and the treatment more invasive.  We have a variety of dental restoration options to rebuild and enhance your healthy smile. Check out the following services we provide for our patients in Hartsdale, New York, and the surrounding areas of Scarsdale and White Plains, New York.

– Dental Crowns: If you are looking to cover or conceal a tooth, dental crowns can be used to cap teeth to prevent further harm, look more aesthetically pleasing, and to transform the tooth to its desired look.

– Dental Fillings: If you have suffered a cavity in a tooth, dental fillings can be used to remove the cavity and prevent further damage to it. The two most often used forms of dental fillings are tooth-colored fillings (also called composites) and dental amalgams.

– Dental Veneers: Dental veneers can be used to vastly improve the look of your teeth. Each veneer is custom-crafted for each tooth and fused directly to the fronts of your teeth to conceal any noticeable damage or defects.

– Teeth Whitening Treatments: Teeth whitening treatments are an extremely easy and effective way to improve the color of your natural teeth. With treatments such as in-office professional treatments from your dentist, a single whitening tray treatment can enhance the color of your teeth by up to ten shades.

To schedule a tooth restoration treatment with Hartsdale Family Dental, please call 914-205-3750 to set up an appointment with one of our dentists in Hartsdale, New York. Dr. Paul Greco, Dr. John Lanzetta, and Dr. Attalienti are here to help you with all your oral health care needs!