Are You Curious About Dental Veneers?

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One of the many ways to achieve your smile goals is to receive dental veneers, which are a simple dental procedure that conceals unwanted stains or cracks to keep your smile looking healthy. You may find that dental veneers improve not just the look of your teeth but also your self-esteem. To ensure you are well informed on dental veneers, we have provided answers to some of the main questions below:

What are dental veneers?
These thin tooth-shaped shells are made of highly durable porcelain material and are bonded by our dentist to the fronts of your teeth to mask unwanted smile flaws.

Can dental veneers correct tooth damage of any kind?
No, dental veneers are only effective if your tooth still has enough natural tooth enamel to support the dental restoration. If your dental damage is significant, you may find that a dental crown is more efficient for your smile.

What is the life expectancy for dental veneers?
Typically, veneers last about a decade, but can endure up to 15 years as long as your smile remains good health and receives proper care.

What are the benefits of dental veneers?
Many smile flaws can be improved with dental veneers, from mild stains to some orthodontic issues, and the material of dental veneers is resistant to tooth stains, unlike your natural teeth.

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