A Tooth Suffering from a Missing Dental Filling Needs to Be Treated by a Dentist

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As time goes on the bond between an old dental filling and the surrounding tooth enamel can start to weaken. This process can be accelerated by poor oral hygiene habits or failing to attend your routine dental checkup at Hartsdale Family Dental.

If one of your dental fillings feel loose, excessively sensitive, or it falls out you should not delay in seeking treatment from Dr. Paul Greco. more time that elapses in seeking treatment the more likely you are to suffer a serious dental fracture or a severe toothache.

If the original dental filling was small, Dr. Paul Greco might be able to repair it with another filling. This involves removing a small amount of enamel to create a clean surface to later cement a new filling in place.

If the original dental filling was large or a new cavity has affected the tooth, Dr. Paul Greco might recommend restoring the tooth with a dental crown.

Going forward, you might want to increase your focus on your daily oral hygiene routine to help maintain the integrity of your remaining dental fillings.

If you live in the Hartsdale, New York, area and you have recently lost a filling, you shouldn’t delay in calling 914-205-3750 to have it treated at Hartsdale Family Dental.